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Our focus is on helping children realize their potential and give expression...
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About Us
Helping Hands India is an initiative started by Ms Nutan Kasliwal and Ms Monica Ferro on 8th January 2007 with the express purpose of reaching out to children who are gifted or are under-achievers.
HHI gives need-based educational support with a difference and follows a scientific approach while dealing with children. HHI caters to the needs of gifted children, and children who have normal intelligence but are under-achievers or/and hyperactive.
HHI is not a private tuition/coaching class. Our teaching is not completely based on the School Syllabus. It uses wider concepts to develop basic academic skills in English and Math to bridge the learning gap. The goal is to develop self confidence in the child and make him/her an independent learner who can tackle all kinds of situations in life.
Activity-based Remedial Teaching :

Our focus is on helping children realize their potential and give expression to it in their own individual style.  We will facilitate the process through various activities that will be designed to develop the children’s faculties. 

Activities at HHI are :
Identification of gifted, adhd and normal children with learning challenges,
Spoken English program for adults and children
Teachers training program
Consultancy to schools
Memory and concentration enhancement program for children
Free lance counseling for schools
Educational, psychological and emotional support
Counselling :

Once a child’s behavioral problems have been identified, counselling sessions are conducted with the child and his/her parents.  If needed, all the adult family members involved in the child’s upbringing including the grandparents, are counseled in family sessions.  This ensures a family atmosphere conducive to the best interests of the child.


HHI believes in giving children freedom to develop, to extend their faculties to the ultimate so that they achieve the maximum they can, socially, academically, emotionally …. The only limits are those we place on them – so let’s set them free!

Support for Mothers :

We believe that the mother is the child’s first and most important teacher.  With English increasingly becoming the medium of education, we have taken up the challenge of equipping mothers so that they, in turn, can provide their children with all the educational support they need.  We conduct classes to enhance mothers’ English skills, so that they can confidently guide the child at home.  We also plan to conduct a variety of workshops for mothers to enable them develop their latent talents.

Super Saturdays !

One Saturday a month is a free-wheeling Saturday, when the children are encouraged to let their hair down and indulge in a variety of creative activities. Stories, drama, puppet-shows conducted by the children, music, painting … there’s no end to the list of things the children can do.  These times are not merely fun, but also serve to draw the shy ones out of their shells and become confident as they throw off inhibitions and just be themselves!  Thus, these Saturdays serve as a sounding-board for all the children to try out and develop their skills.

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